DREAMTIME is a one-man music project that was founded in 2003 by Finnish musician Lauri Turjansalo. In his childhood he was captivated by 80's aesthetics. This eventually became the main ingredient in his musical adventures.  The core of Dreamtime is to create melodic, retrofuturistic, harmonically rich and beat driven synthesizer music. 
The first track Purple Twilight was chosen as the song of the week by music website Mikseri.net. The debut album FAROUT was released in 2009 by Space Sound Records followed by several other albums. Dreamtime has been featured on several compilations by ZYX, Space Sound Records etc. In 2018 Dreamtime provided a soundtrack for a PC shoot’em up Rigid Force Alpha.
DREAMTIME - Vermis Research Institute
(from the album Rigid Force Alpha - Extended Soundtrack)
DREAMTIME - Beyond Tranquility
(from the album Rediscovery Trip)
DREAMTIME - Phantasm
(from the album Particles)
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